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Incorporation of Business Administration Practices

Business Administration PracticesBusiness administration is broad area that deals with the management of a business in different positions in an organization. Business administrators play key roles in organizations that ensure increased performance and continuity of the organization. It involves motivating, supervising as well as delegation of duties to employees in an organization. For the success of a small to an independent business, it is important to consider business administration as one of the stepping stones.

Business administrator should have academic qualifications either a degree or a diploma in this field. This is to ensure that business administrators have the required knowledge and skills required to perform their functions effectively and efficiently. Business administrators can increase their knowledge by pursuing a masters in this field or do extra certification courses the field.

Role of business administration

Business administration is every important to ensure the success of the organization. An organization that incorporate business administration is at a better position unlike an organization that does not. The roles business administrators perform can be classified in the following


This is the act of overseeing business activities. Business administrators oversee financial budgeting of the organization. This is to ensure there is no misappropriations of the organization resources through the use of budgets and continuous monitoring of the budget. They also ensure maximum utilization as well as reducing wastage of this scarce resources.


A motivated workforce is very important to ensure the success of the business. A motivated employeee is hardworking, competent and efficient workforce since there is reduced job stress. Business administrators have the right knowledge as well as skills to keep the organization employees motivated since they have gone through the necessary training required. Organizations should aim at motivated workforce since there will be higher productivity which results to increased profits. Through business administration this can be achieved.


A business has objectives, targets and strategies that it aims at achieving. This is supposed to communicated clearly to every member of the organization clearly. This cannot be achieved without giving a sense of direction as well as delegation to employees. With the right information and manpower on business administration this can be achieved successfully. It is advisable for organizations to incorporate business administration.

Business administration offer a lot of knowledge on how to run a business and project management. Incorporation of business management will ensure the continuity it aims at ensuring every employee has the right knowledge and skills to manage themselves independently. If you are interested in reading more please make sure you read aout outline of business management in a business.

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