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Is the Customer Always Right?

Customer Always RightFor there to be continuity of the business, the products and services offered by the business should satisfy the customers. If the customer is not satisfied there will be increased sales which leads to increased profits. Customers are satisfied if they offer positive feedback and if they keep coming back for more of your products and services. However, are the customer always right? Do the feedback they give always the best.

Customers are not always right. For one to come up with a product and service one has to consider the taste and preference of the customers. However, you can’t satisfy every customer. Here are some of the reasons why a customer is not always right.

Employees are unhappy

conflicts between employees and customers are unavoidable in a business setting. At times customers are impatient and employees are rude. It is therefore difficult for a business owner to know who to side with. It is advisable to side with the employee to ensure loyalty as well as make them feel valued in the organization. This will help them improve their productivity and that of the business which leads to more profits.

Customer are at unfair advantage

If some customers are always right some may feel more entitled. In this customers can request anything they want that the business is not able and willing to offer. This may lead to employees being overwhelmed by work which causes them to feel demotivated. This leads to low performance of both the employees and the business.

Not every customer is good for business

Are the more the customers the better the business? This is not always the case since some customers are just bad for business. Some customer is rude; others are too commanding. This characters are hard to stand even at the expense of making more profit. As a customer it is important to handle the employees with respect as well as dignity and they will treat you the same.

Adverse effect on customer service

If the customers are always right the employees will tend to put them first but will they be happy? A happy work environment is the best working to be in. As a business owner it is important to put the employees first to have a happy work environment.

For a successful business it is important to make the customers feel valued. They will work better and ensure customer satisfaction. Incorporation of business administration practices is one of the post which will help you know well about the management of a business.

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